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Royal Frasier

Co-FOUNDER & executive director

Royal is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of RAD Office Tour, Austin’s first workplace design tour. Her background combines marketing, PR, and economic development. Currently she consults on communication strategies for local consumer, lifestyle, and community impact based businesses in Austin. 

Previously at Jones-Dilworth, Inc., an emerging technology PR and marketing firm in Austin, Royal has spent her career crafting communication strategies for new ventures. Prior to JDI, she served in the City of Austin's Economic Development Dept. helping drive early-stage investment opportunities to the City’s startup community. She has always been interested in the power of economic development and architecture to create spaces for communities and people to thrive. She credits her mother, a visual artist, and step-father, a city manager, for sparking these combined interests in her at a young age.


Jordan Bresler

Co-FOUNDER & Associate director

Jordan is a classically trained marketer turned entrepreneur. After spending 5 years with Austin-based consultancy Jones-Dilworth, Inc. (JDI) working with early-stage technology companies, Jordan co-founded three small businesses: Native Color, a sustainable apparel company; Fieldwork, a PR and marketing consultancy; and the RAD Office Tour. 

Her typical day now involves a mix of consulting work, hand dyeing all-natural t-shirts and jewelry in her backyard, planning and executing Austin's first ever office design tour, and volunteering for local non-profits she cares about deeply. 

Across work and play, Jordan lives life with joy, passion and fervor. She is most fulfilled when making a positive impact. She is a member of the Development Board for DSACT (the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas) and volunteers regularly with the local Austin CareBOX program. 

Community building and event production feeds her desire to bring people together around a common mission, and RAD is a deliberate manifestation of that.

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Josh Jones-Dilworth

Co-FOUNDEr & President

Josh has spent his career making sure that what’s important gets your attention. Today he is Founder and CEO of JDI, a boutique marketing consultancy focused on emerging technologies. Josh is also well-known as a co-founder of The Daily Dot, and currently serves on its Board. The Daily Dot is an online newspaper covering Internet culture, and one of the fastest-growing online media ventures of all-time. Today, the Dot is read by 20 million people and counting.

Josh also co-founded and is a Director of both Totem, the hosted press page that journalists prefer, and Litmus Health, which uses remote monitoring and machine learning to help researchers make better go and no-go decisions from clinical trials. Josh is an advisor to over a dozen companies and accelerators, and he is a frequent teacher, speaker and guest writer on topics ranging from the mainstreaming of artificial intelligence, to the advent of precision medicine, the new modes of research technology commercialization.

Across all 5 organizations he has built and helped run, corporate culture is a central theme to Josh's success. In an era where there is no meaningful difference between internal an eternal communication, transparency is a favorite topic. Josh is also known for infusing Quaker traditions into the workplace, insisting on an unusually large operations team, quantifying the benefits of benefits, and eschewing titles come hell or high water.


Fannie Gunton

Director, Event Production & Operations

Fannie has joined the RAD team to focus on Operations and Event Production. Or as she likes to think of it: herding cats and getting things done. Problem-solving is her specialty. Over a decade of experience as a Producer in video game development offered countless opportunities to dig into complex issues on big-budget projects that were both technically and creatively challenging.  Today she splits her time between advising startups and small businesses on operations & production best practices and growing her own interior design business. As a Designer, she finds solutions for aesthetic & functionality quandaries, and also helps her clients to live more purposefully & mindfully. 



Manda Miller

Creative director

Manda is a designer specializing in UX, branding and illustration. She has designed for several marketing companies in various industries throughout her career. Her experience ranges from being the solo designer on a project, to collaborating within a large, fast-paced, multidisciplinary production team, to being head designer with the responsibility of hiring and managing junior designers, interns, and photographers. Currently, she freelances for Austin startups while managing her online shop where she sells products of her own artwork.

She became interested in design organically after teaching herself Photoshop & Illustrator as a teen, and soon pushed herself to learn HTML/CSS so she could help make the internet more beautiful. This path led her to the Communication Design program at Texas State University, where she eventually received her BFA in 2009.  Manda continues to teach and challenge herself both in and outside of work, and recently has been pursuing a Specialization in Interaction Design on Coursera, where she takes on user experience, user research, and prototyping.


Our Partners


The RAD Family


Beau Frail

Project Architect at Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

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Jacqueline Hughes

Event Manager at Techstars

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Leigh Christie

 Sr. VP, Global Technology & Innovation at Austin Chamber

Marla Bommarito, Bommarito Group.jpg

Marla Bommarito

CEO at Bommarito Group

02Julie Yost, SXSW.jpg

Julie Yost

Cities Summit + Design Programmer at SXSW

04Andrew Danziger, HATCH Workshop.jpg

Owner, Founder and Project Manager at HATCH Workshop

Mark Gilbreath, LiquidSpace.jpg

Mark Gilbreath

Founder & CEO at LiquidSpace

Wilson Hack, Waxwing.jpg

Wilson Hack

Senior Project Manager at W2MacFab